The Only Insulation in the World That is

Non-toxic, fire proof, soundproofing, mold resistant, pest resistant, has ZERO shrinkage AND fills all cavities.

Frequently Asked Questions

what if my home is already insulated?
Since airkrete is a non-expanding foam insulation, it can be injected into walls WITHOUT removing the existing insulation, or drywall. making it perfect for retro-fitting into old homes!
why should I consider Airkrete over other insulation types?
AirKrete is a high performing insulation that holds an "R" value of 6 per square inch. Not only is its effiency high, but its also fire proof, non-toxic, mold resistant, pest resistant, non-allergenic, there is no other insulation that can compete.
What makes it fire proof?
Magnesium Oxide holds a class "A" fire rating, with a melting point of 2800 degress centigrade. This is nothing in comparison to your average house fire, which is a mere 593 degrees centigrade.
What makes Airkrete different from other spray foams?
"Unlike ALL Spray Polyurethane Foams, airkrete is an injection foam that requires a cavity in which to be injected into. airkrete is non-expanding which makes it perfect to retrofit existing buildings without "gutting" the interior as is necessary for SPF Applications. Additionally, airkrete is mineral based inorganic chemistry unlike SPFs which are organic "plastic" formulations containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Also, airkrete is the only foam insulation on the planet that is 100% fireproof... Period!" -Airkrete ® GREENsulation™
Does it ever shrink or settle?
Airkrete that is injected into an enclosed cavity will experience zero shrinkage or settling. (ASTM C951)
Is it safe to be around during installation?
unlike Spray Polyurethane foams Airkrete emits zero odour, or any volatile organic compounds (VOC'S) making it completely safe to be home or work around the product during the entire installation! It is not harmful to any humans or pets!
what is Airkrete's "R" Value?
AirKrete's "R" Value is an impressive R6 per square inch, meaning an impressive "R" 21 in a 2"x 4" wall, and "R" 33 in a 2"x 6" wall!